About the breeding district “external members“


The "Verband der Züchter des Holsteiner Pferdes" operates within the core breeding area - Schleswig-Holstein and parts of the city of Hamburg - and the extended breeding area.
The extended breeding area covers the rest of Germany, the EU member states and signatories and all other countries. All breeders based in this area who run a proper breed operation according to the German Animal Welfare Act and are a member of the Holsteiner Verband form the breeding district “external members”.

The foundation meeting of the breeding district “external members“ held on February 2 2008 on occasion of the Verband stallion presentation was very well attended. The Holsteiner Verband established the new breeding district in response to changes in the landscape of German horse breeding. “We don’t want horses with all-Holsteiner blood receiving the brand of other breed associations”, the former president, Breido Graf zu Rantzau, had put it in his speech to the delegates from the breeding districts.
Already in summer 2008, the Holsteiner Verband organized about 30 branding sites all over Germany. Now our external breeders do not have to ship their foals to Schleswig-Holstein to obtain the coveted brand. The other approach, with foals being branded by designated representatives from other breed societies on behalf of the Holsteiner Verband, has been dropped since.
At the new branding sites, the foals are evaluated by two members of the Holsteiner Verband foal inspection committee and awarded premium status, where appropriate.
3-year-old and older mares may be registered in the Holsteiner stud book at these sites. They are evaluated and – provided that they meet the requirements - awarded premium status by members of the mare inspection committee.
In the past two years, the branding and inspection sites in our breeding district have been very well received by the breeders with an attendance bigger than expected.
The sites also provided a great opportunity to promote the Holsteiner horse as they saw huge numbers of visitors from Germany and abroad. These proved thrilled about the quality of the mares and foals presented at the sites and the smoothly run events.
As our sites also drew many visitors with only marginal knowledge about the Holsteiner horse, our breeding standards, or the female lines, this website also aims to provide some information on these topics.

You are interested in Holsteiner horses, our activities, or want to join us as a member? Please contact us with all your questions and suggestions, you are always welcome.

Our breeding district currently lists 2405 members and 3063 registered mares (as at December 31 2009)

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